Project MEMELE 66m2

Modular compact house, project MEMELE. Living area – 66m2. New, modern, ecological house for the price of an apartment.

45 681 EUR

Explication of the house area

Nr.NameLiving space, m2
01Hallway2,92 m2
02Boiler room4,91 m2
03Bedroom12,85 m2
04Living room \ Kitchen28,16 m2
05Bathroom5,51 m2
06Bedroom11,55 m2

Total living space 65,97 m2

Terrace 5,51 m2  

Terrace 15,28 m2

The  Mēmele is a river in northern Lithuania and southern Latvia. It originates 6 km south of Rokiškis. It is 191 kilometres long (75 km in Lithuania, 76 km on the Latvia–Lithuania border and 40 km in Latvia) before its confluence with the Mūša, near Bauska, forming the Lielupe.

This river does not belong to the basin of the larger river Neman, but the two rivers’ names are related in several languages: in Lithuanian, “Nemunėlis” is a diminutive form of “Nemunas” (Neman) in German, “Memel” is used for both the Neman River and the city of Klaipėda, and “Memele” is its diminutive form in Latvian, the river is called “Mēmele”, possibly derived from German, or directly from Old Prussian in which it is thought to mean “surrounded by water” in Estonian, it is called “Memele jõgi”

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