Project GAUJA 70.34 m2

Modular compact house, project GAUJA. Living area – 70.34m2. New, modern, ecological house for the price of an apartment.

73 631,64 EUR without VAT

Explication of the house area

Nr.NameLiving space, m2
01Lobby3,65 m2
02Hallway6,19 m2
03Living room \ Kitchen28,90 m2
04Bedroom11,22 m2
05Bathroom4,59 m2
06Bedroom9,69 m2
07Boiler room6,10 m2

Total living space 70,34 m2

Terrace 26.65 m2  

The Gauja River is a river in Vidzeme, Latvia. It is the only large river of Latvia that begins and ends its flow in Latvia. Its length is 460 km, of which 1/5 or 93.5 km are in the Gauja National Park. In this part, the Gauja River flows through a spacious ancient Gauja valley, which is 1 to 2.5 km wide, and the maximum depth near Sigulda is 85 m. The sandstone rocks on the banks of the Gauja and its adjoining rivers started forming 370 to 300 million years ago during the Devonian period.

Before 13th century the Gauja River used to serve as a trade route and border river between the Livonian and Latgalian lands. In some territories, they used to live mixed together. When Livonian languages were still present along the Gauja River and the sea, it used to be called Koivo (the Saint River). In Latvian, the name of the Gauja River used to mean ‘a great amount’, ‘a crowd’, and was therefore called the ‘big river’.

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