Project ENGURE 153.16 m2

New, modern, ecological house.
Living space: 153,16 m2
Warehouse: 14.92 m2
Сanopy: 45.05 m2
Terrace: 15.21 m2
Total area under the roof: 213,13 m2

Price starts from 125 449 EUR

Explication of the house area

Nr.Name Living space, m2
01Hallway 6,13 m2
02Living room \ Kitchen 56,31 m2
03Hallway 6,13 m2
04WC 2,37 m2
05Bathroom 7,67 m2
06Bedroom 11,91 m2
07Bedroom 43.60 m2
08Bedroom 10,32
09Hallway 2,25
10Bedroom 16,66
11Wardrobe 6,06
12Bathroom 7,10
13boiler room 8,23

Total living space 153,16 m2

Warehouse 14.92 m2
Сanopy 45.05 m2
Terrace 15.21 m2

Engures ezers is a lake in Latvia, located at the junction of the Mersrag, Engure and Tukums regions. The rivers Melnupe, Gruncha, Alksnaigravis, Chekstgravis, Kalnupe, Dzedrupe, Pelchupe, Dursupe, Yurgupe flow into the lake. The Mersrag Canal flows out of the lake. Lake Engure is the third largest lake in Latvia. An ornithological research center is located on the coast of the eastern part of the lake. There are 9 islands on the lake with a total area of ​​85 hectares, partially overgrown with forest

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