Project ABAVA 96.20 m2

Modular compact house, project ABAVA. Living area – 96.20m2. New, modern, ecological house for the price of an apartment.

58 556 EUR

AAA +++ Energy efficient House built with high quality materials

Explication of the house area

Nr.NameLiving space, m2
01Hallway10.03 m2
02Boiler room4.73 m2
03Bedroom11.86 m2
04Bathroom5,83 m2
05Office9.76 m2
06Bedroom10,30 m2
07Living room \ Kitchen43.60 m2

Total living space 96,20 m2

Terrace 35.04 m2  

Terrace 15.21 m2

The Abava is a river in Latvia and the largest tributary of the Venta. It flows through Tukums, Talsi and Kuldiga districts. Fifty percent of the basin is covered by forests. Its valley was submitted for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The second largest waterfall in Latvia, the Abava Waterfall (Latvian: Abavas rumba), is on this river.

The Abava is crossed by an unusual “Bridge to Nowhere” in the village of Irlavas, near Sāti. Built in 1940 as part of a planned railway between Tukums and Kuldiga, it was completed but the railway linkage construction was halted by World War II. During their occupation of Latvia, the Germans made initial plans to complete the railroad, but were unsuccessful in carrying the plans to completion. The concrete span is 55 meters in length.