For timber and modular homes

SIA Kompakta Maja is a manufacturer of the highest quality panel houses – one of the leading manufacturers of wooden frame panels and modules in the Baltic States and the Nordic countries. We specialize in construction services, project management and logistics. Our team has 9 years of outstanding success working on various projects in Norway, Sweden,Finland and Latvia. Since 2006, we have built more than 160 buildings, including:

  • private buildings – one semi-detached house / double houses / row houses
  • public buildings – hospitals / boarding houses / hotels / apartment houses
  • other buildings – holiday homes / boat houses / garages / carports and other structures.

Construction teams are working in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. SIA Kompakta Maja offers unmatched quality, security, service and flexibility.

Taking into account the assembly line process, the elements of timber and modular houses SIA Kompakta Maja are able to build 70% faster, than houses from traditional materials.
The full production cycle, from the delivery of raw materials, design to assembly and finishing to the turnkey house, will take 45 working days,
in turn, the assembly of prefabricated house elements on site takes only 4 days. SIA Kompakta Maja guarantees the highest quality, safety,
excellent service and individual approach to each client.