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Compact, ecological modular houses.
New modern, beautiful ecological house for the price of an apartment.
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Your Eco modular house blends naturally with the natural environment. Environmentally friendly materials will provide you with a healthy living space.
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You can choose your ecomodular house from several different sizes. High quality guarantees sustainability and comfort.
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Impeccable quality
House projects from 66 to 103 m2
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SIA Kompakta Maja is a manufacturer of the highest quality prefabricated houses and one of the leading manufacturers of wooden frame panels and modules in the Baltic States. We have 9 years of outstanding success working in Latvia, and considerable experience working in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Our mission is to create a user-friendly living environment through high quality construction products and services.

Why choose us


We use only environmentally friendly and certified materials.

Ready to use

We take care of customer projects from A to Z.

Individual approach

An individual approach, a distinctive feature of our case and company.


Our experts, like everyone else, know how to save Your money without losing the quality of the built object.

With love

We really LIKE what we do.


We guarantee the highest quality and excellent service.

Energy efficiency of frame houses

Based on the experience of many countries in the use of frame construction, we can say with confidence that a frame house is a reliable and comfortable construction, tested over time.

The widespread use of the frame construction is due to the unique thermal insulation and moisture-resistant properties from which “sandwich” panels are made. Even in the most severe winters, it is enough to turn on the heating system for only 2-3 hours, and the house will warm up completely and for a long time, while the heat loss of a frame house is 3-4 times less than that of brick, and aerated concrete buildings.